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University of Florida
Department of Animal Sciences

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Reproductive Physiologist
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Master of Science
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Cell/Tissue Culture

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The Bromfield lab is searching for a dedicated, experienced individual to undertake a PhD at the University of Floridas Animal Molecular and Cellular Biology (AMCB) graduate program. The candidate will work on an ongoing NIH funded project using state of the art molecular and cell biology techniques, and appropriate in vivo models to investigate the impact of infection on fertility in dairy cows. The overall aim of these studies is to understand the mechanism of long term infertility following uterine infection as it relates to ovarian function and gamete quality. The team utilizes a bovine animal model to achieve the goals of understanding the impact of uterine infection on the ovary. These studies will provide new and innovative knowledge to aid in the treatment and understanding of uterine infection in humans and dairy cows to improve long term fecundity.

Bacterial infections of the uterus are very common in both women and dairy cows, and routinely cause infertility even after the resolution of infection. How uterine infection causes infertility is not well understood, but recently we discovered that uterine infection negatively impacts the ovary by disrupting follicle and oocyte development. This projects uses a unique and relevant animal model of infection to determine the mechanisms of how uterine infection results in infertility, providing us a much needed insight into the disease and ultimately improve fertility in women and dairy cows.

The candidate will be required to work in a collaborative team to execute the animal model studies while performing in vitro studies independently. In vitro studies will include (but not limited to) cell culture, in vitro maturation of oocytes, in vitro fertilisation and the molecular and cellular analysis of tissues and fluids isolated from disease animals. A basic understanding of microbiology would also be beneficial. A Masters degree or DVM working with cattle is preferred.

Please send emails with CVs to jbromfield@ufl.edu

Lab website - http://jbromfield.wixsite.com/bromfield
AMCB graduate program - http://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/amcb/index.shtml
UF profile - http://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/faculty/bromfield/index.shtml

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